28 Mar

Desk Bed is simply an ideal two in one solution both for the home or guest room. If you still require a large desk either for working on your computer, sewing or arts, the Desk Bed would be the ideal answer. This bed comes with either full or queen wood plywood in birch and comes with a huge range of finishes to suit the taste and requirements of the customer. The desk bed is very practical as it has been designed with the provision for storage under the bed and provides ample work space for all.

In general, there are four basic styles of desk beds which include the following; twin cut, full size, queen size, and engineered. All the four have the same underlying design with only slight variation such as the shape of the legs and the way the cabinet options are fitted. The most popular style of twin bed is the full size version, as this is most widely sought after due to its great space saving and elegant feel. If your bedroom is small, you can opt for a smaller twin bed as the full size ones can still provide that spacious feel to your room.

The full size version of the desk bed is basically a standard twin bed with the exception of having two separate drawers within the side panel as opposed to the usual single drawer. It is designed to cater for both children and adult use with the availability of a twin frame with padded benches both in twin and full versions. This gives you a lot of flexibility when furnishing your home office. With a twin frame option, you can decide how much of a space you want to dedicate to your home office and that section should have a maximum amount of furniture to accommodate yourself and/or your family. If the home office is small, you can also opt to leave off any additional furniture such as bookshelves and chairs and just concentrate on the desk top.

There are a number of unique features available with a twin frame desk bed such as; the ability to roll it up or down, hinged or solid top, a drop leaf option and more. All of these features allow you greater creativity in designing your room and ultimately your home office. You can select the type of frame and then immediately change its side panel designs by purchasing a new one. There are several handle options available with the most common being, solid or hinged, with either an arm or no arm. Both styles give you the opportunity to customize the look of the desk.

The standard handle option has the advantage of giving a more traditional appearance to your twin bed. You can also purchase Wilding wallbeds or adjustable or removable side panels to change the appearance of the bed over time. These side panels are manufactured from wood, metal and other composite materials and come in a range of colors and finishes. The standard handle options come with a standard four or eight drawer chest, two or three drawer dresser drawers, and one or two drawer utility chest.

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